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Slackers || Chloe


For a long time Rixon had been hassling Chloe to get a proper Guardian but the mess of a Guardian she had, had its advantages. Such as tricking him into showing how uncoordinated he was at time. She just thought it was entertaining to watch. So when he made a fool of himself in front of the stranger and herself, she was back to being her giggly self. “Lucky I can defend myself. Guardian Hunter I’ll be fine from here.” Chloe flashed the Guardian a smile before addressing the stranger. “Maybe you can be my new Guardian. You seem to know what is good for us Moroi.” She beamed.


Maggie glanced over at the Moroi girl, her stern expression softening.  She genuinely enjoyed being a campus guardian and working with the students. It wasn’t as exciting as being on the raiding squad had been, but considering all the friends she’d lost, that was almost a relief.

“I’m honored, but I’m not cut out to guard an individual charge. Before they stationed me here I was a freelance guardian—one of the few who cleaned out Strigoi nests whenever one started to amass. I was trained to hunt, not to passively stand by and wait for trouble to arise.” Cocking her head, she studied the girl, her lips curving up in a small smile. “You should be sitting in on the novice classes and making note of who’s the best. That way you can put in a request for a guardian early and have a better chance at getting a good one when they graduate.”

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Slackers || Open

Maggie gazed around the commons at the students sitting around, chatting with their classmates, shaking her head in disgust. It was really quite appalling how few members of the student body took advantage of the gym outside their set class times—when she’d been a novice she had made a point to squeeze in a workout whenever she had extra time on her hands. Not like this lot—they seemed determined to waste their free time on frivolous things like gossiping and parties.

"Unbelievable. I hope your future charge plans on looking after their own ass—because I seriously doubt you’ll be able to manage it."

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Solitude || Maggie



Erik had been at his new assignment for a few days now and hadn’t really seen the point of talking to anyone. Those who didn’t know who he was - or didnt know him personally - probably thought he was a basket case. Then there was his friends and family, he wasn’t looking forward to the look of pity or uncertainty in their eyes when he saw them.

he just wanted to be treated like any other guardian.

In spirit of his avoiding people, he woke up early - so early that the sun hadn’t completely set yet and had made his way into the gym to get a work out done. He was now on the tallest chin up bar, pulling his large frame above the line and back up again. He couldn’t use the shorter ones since Erik stood at a towering 6’7 - the same as his Uncle.

She’d awoken from a fitful, restless sleep, the sheets tangled around her sweat drenched body, still slightly trembling from the same nightmare that always seemed to plague her sleep. She hadn’t been there to witness the events that had claimed the life of the team she’d been a member of, but even so, her imagination could evoke the occurrences of the raid. Night after night she was forced to watch her friends and colleagues slaughtered, one after the other, wanting to intercede and stop the carnage but unable to help in the slightest, no matter how hard she struggled to alter the dream. It seemed like it came every night now, without fail to torment and haunt her, reminding her of her guilt.

Because she should have been there too. If she had been, maybe… just maybe… it would have made a difference.

Glancing over at the clock, she groaned, sitting up and running her hands through her tousled hair. It was hours before her patrol shift, but she was afraid to let sleep reclaim her. She knew the dream was lurking, just waiting to reclaim her—and watching her partner and the others being butchered a second time in one night was more than she could bear. Climbing out of bed, she threw on her clothes without even bothering to turn on the light, then shoved her feet into her battered cross-trainers. A workout would help her relieve the tension that filled her, hopefully calming her down enough so she could keep her mind on her duties and out of the past. Locking her door behind her, she set out for the gym, not even bothering to warm up, sprinting towards the only source of solace she had found since that horrible day she’d found out her partner was missing in action.

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